Get or move on from an apprenticeship


This section of Lifepilot tells you what you need to know about apprenticeships – from getting started right through to progression after an apprenticeship.

What makes apprenticeships different?

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job role with study. You are employed, gain work experience and job-specific skills, are given time off for work-related learning and earn a wage. 

You start an apprenticeship at a level that suits you but it’s possible to progress from one level to another, right up to a Degree Apprenticeship in many sectors.

This section of Lifepilot outlines the key things you need to know about apprenticeships and gives you links where you can find out more. Good starting points are: 

Note that the information given relates to apprenticeships in England only. Arrangements for in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland differ.

Apprenticeships are not just for young people!

Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16. You may be surprised to learn that in 2016/17, 29% of new apprentices were in the 19-24 age group and 46% were aged 25+!

An apprenticeship may be suitable for you if you’ve just finished a course, you’re looking for work, you want a career change or you’re already in employment. 

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