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Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

A Higher or Degree Apprenticeship offers a route to gaining a higher education qualification whilst building up experience and without paying course fees! 

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are run in a similar way to apprenticeships at other levels. They are ideal for adults who want to progress in their career or move into a different area of work, for instance. 

It can be challenging combining a job with higher education study so you need to be self-motivated, flexible and able to manage your time. Despite the challenges, there are many benefits.

Higher Apprenticeships

Higher Apprenticeships give you the chance to build up practical work experience while progressing academically at Level 4 and above. The qualification/s you work towards vary depending on the actual apprenticeship but can include:

  • a work-related qualification e.g. an NVQ Level 4 or 5
  • an HND or HNC
  • a Foundation Degree
  • an Honours Degree
  • a professional qualification

In some cases you may be able to work towards Chartered status in your sector, such as Chartered Engineer.

Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships are designed in close collaboration between employers and universities. A full bachelor’s or master’s degree is an integral part of the programme. 

Degree Apprenticeships are opening up alternative routes into professions where previously you could only train through full-time study, such as nursing and law. In many cases you are able to (or expected to) gain Chartered status in your profession.

Where to find Higher or Degree Apprenticeships and what’s available

You can search for and apply for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships in all the same places as other apprenticeships; university and college websites often promote opportunities. The Higher and Degree Vacancy Listings give a snapshot of the many vacancies there are with major employers. 

A guide to higher and degree apprenticeships from the National Apprenticeship Service includes an A-Z of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships available nationally. Which? University’s 'Complete Guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships' lists the sectors and professions in which you can take a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship, and also details the universities involved and some of the employers.

The number of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships available is increasing, so check for the most up-to-date information.

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Examples of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships in the South

Many universities and colleges are working with employers to develop Higher and Degree Apprenticeships. The following are just a few examples. Find out more on the websites of universities and other providers in the South.

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