Get or move on from an apprenticeship

Apprenticeship benefits

A number of benefits can be gained from doing an apprenticeship.

Earn while you learn

As an apprentice you are employed and earn a salary while you learn. As you develop your skills, your pay will normally increase. 

The qualifications and training are free

Any fees are met by your employer and the government, so you won’t have to contribute and there’s no need to take out a loan. So if you are doing a degree apprenticeship this could save you over £45000 in student loans [to pay for course fees and living costs] compared to full time university study. You may also get the chance to do professionally accredited qualifications too.

Plenty of choice

Apprenticeships have been developed by a wide range of sectors for many different job roles – from adult care worker to paramedic, and from software developer to solicitor. They are available with all types of employers including large national companies and small enterprises. The right one for you will depend on your interests, your experience and the opportunities in your area. 

Learn on the job

As an apprentice you work alongside more experienced colleagues learning on the job, and building up your knowledge and skills. Employers recognise and value apprenticeships as they show that you’ve been trained in the skills they need.

High-quality training

All apprenticeships must last at least 12 months and include both on- and off-the-job training. They are designed with employers and must lead to industry-recognised qualifications or standards. You will develop skills that are in demand.

Support during training

You receive support from both your employer and your specialist training provider who will coordinate your apprenticeship. They will regularly review your progress and ensure your training fits your requirements, develops the skills needed for the job and satisfies national standards. They will also help with any difficulties.

Progression opportunities

Successfully completing an apprenticeship at any level will give you a range of options. You may be able to:

  • progress to the next level of apprenticeship e.g. from an Advanced/Level 3 Apprenticeship to a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship
  • enter full- or part-time study at a higher level (you may be able to top up a qualification with extra study)
  • gain further specialist or professional qualifications 
  • stay with your current employer and aim for promotion or additional responsibilities
  • move to a another employer in order to gain more responsibilities or just for a change!

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