Benefits of study

Personal Benefits

Surveys repeatedly show that adults embarking on higher-level study gain considerable personal benefits.

Some of benefits to you could include: 

  • acquiring new skills and improving others; regardless of the subject you study, you’ll develop transferable skills – useful in all areas of your life 
  • learning how to think for yourself
  • becoming an independent and lifelong learner
  • developing a broader view of the world
  • enjoying a healthier lifestyle – for instance you’re less likely to suffer depression and more likely to exercise
  • discovering new personal interests and activities
  • making new friends and meeting people from different backgrounds
  • improving your self-awareness
  • challenging yourself and gaining a sense of achievement
  • giving your children, if you have them, more support in their education

Of course, you may just be at a stage in your life when you can study a subject for personal enjoyment – perhaps something you’ve always wanted to learn.

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