Transferable skills

How to identify your transferable skills

Many people find it difficult to identify what transferable skills they actually have.  This activity will help you think about the transferable skills you have gained.  You might find this activity easier if you print out the list of transferable skills in the previous section.

Try this

Write down a list of all the jobs you have had. Write down any hobbies you do e.g., fishing, swimming, hockey Write down any volunteer work you have done e.g., running a guide unit, coaching a sports team Write down any courses you’ve done and qualifications you’ve gained

Think about this

The job titles you've held may tell little about what your actual jobs entailed. In other words, formal job descriptions are often very different from reality. That is why it's important to dissect each job you've held in order to discover what skills you actually used to do that job. If you are re-entering the workforce or entering it for the first time you'll have to look at your life experiences to get this information.  It can be useful to carry out an inventory of your transferable skills.  

Go to: Inventory your transferable skills to find out how this can be done.

Lifepilot Higher Skills Map

Use the Higher Skills Map within Lifepilot to find out more about the skills that you have got. By completing a short quiz about your hobbies and experiences you can build up a profile detailing the skills that you have achieved. These can then be used when applying for courses / vacancies.

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