Transferable skills

How to use your transferable skills

When making a career change or looking for a new job you should do a thorough inventory of your transferable skills to help you determine what career is most suitable for you and what skills you have to offer a prospective employer. Part of this self assessment involves finding out what careers best utilize your skills. To learn about various careers and what skills are required you can do the following:

Gather occupational information.

This means you should do some research on careers that might interest you and find out what skills are needed. Then you can look at your skills inventory to see if they match the skills needed for the job or career. A good place to start this research is the Job Sectors

Read job descriptions for job vacancies.

Job descriptions usually identify the skills that are needed to do the job. Read these carefully and see if you have any of the skills that are mentioned in the job description.

Contact professional associations.

To find out more about the skills needed for a particular career it is useful to contact the professional association related to that career. A good starting point here is the Internet, after which you can make personal contact to ask for advice and guidance on the appropriate skills needed for that career. You could also contact the National Careers Service for advice.

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