Transferable skills

Inventory your transferable skills

Try this: Draw out a table like the one below:

You will need to complete a separate table for each job, hobby or activity that you wrote down for the previous activity.

To complete the table follow these instructions:

  1. In the tasks column list each function of your job or activity. 
  2. Then in the skills column list the skill you use or used to complete the corresponding task. Use the list of transferable skills to help you do this.
  3. In the skill level column rate yourself according to your level of competency (1=highly skilled; 2=moderately skilled; 3=needs improvement). 
  4. Place a tick next to those skills which you enjoy using. 

After you have completed tables for all your jobs, hobbies and other activities, write a list of those skills which you both enjoy using and in which you are highly skilled [1]. Then list those skills you both enjoy using and in which you are moderately skilled [2].  You can also keep a separate list of those skills in which you need improvement [3] but enjoy using. Set that list aside.  You have now clearly identified your transferable skills.  

Alternatively you can use the Lifepilot Higher Skills Map to find out more about the skills tht you have achieved and record them within your Career Tools.

To find out how you can use these skills go to: How to use your transferable skills.

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