Interview skills

What's the purpose of a job interview?

Try this:

Think about what the purposes of a job interview might be. Before you read on take two or three minutes now to write a list of things that you think are the purposes of a job interview.

Think about this

You might have written down things like:

  • To find out if I like the job
  • To find out more about the employer
  • To see where I might be working

However, the main purpose of any interview is to get an offer.  Even if you have concerns about the company or job during your interview, make sure you still interview your best. You can always say no to an offer when it arrives. You can rarely overcome a poor first impression if you later decide your initial instincts about the position were mistaken. So, always remember – the purpose of the interview is to get an offer of a job.

To find out more about how to ensure you get offered the job click on: Get prepared.

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