Interview skills

How can I interview well?

You might be wondering what the secret of interviewing well is.

Try this

Imagine that you are in the position of the interviewer.  What things would impress you and make you feel confident that the person you were interviewing would be an asset to your company and the right person for the job? Take the time now to write a list of these things.

Think about this

The interview is your opportunity to shine, but it’s also really important that you understand exactly what each interviewer is looking for – that way you can tailor your answers to meet their needs and expectations. With this in mind at the beginning of the interview ask what the biggest challenges of the position are. Write down what they tell you and focus on how you can overcome those challenges with your skills and background when you answer each question. Also, focus on how you can help them, not on what the company has to offer you. Where can you contribute to their company, team or project?

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