What, where, how to study

Choosing a place to study

Most adults choose to study near their home. However, the higher education level course you want to do may not be available locally or you might just like the idea of relocating.

Some of the key questions you will need to consider if you are planning to move away from home to study will be:

  • What type of student accommodation is available? 
  • What is the cost of living like in the area?
  • What other expenses will there be? E.g. Council Tax, utility bills, broadband…
  • How easy is it to get to the university or college and how much is public transport in the area?
  • What facilities are available at the college or university and within the local area? 

What else might I want to research?

When you are choosing where to study there are some other important factors that may influence where you decide to go:

  • Does the institution have a good reputation for the course I want to study?
  • Is there any additional support if I want to improve my study skills?
  • How much help is available for finding part time work and employment after my studies?
  • Does the institution cater for my needs as a mature learner?
  • What support is available if you have any disabilities, mental health condition, specific learning difference or long term health condition.

Where can I find out more? 

  • Ask student services at the college or university you are interested in for advice on accommodation and costs. 
  • The Lifepilot Course search will give you a shortlist of courses that fit with some basic criteria important to you.
  • The What Uni? site allows you to compare courses at different institutions and can give you all sorts of information including the cost of accommodation.
  • Each college and university produces a prospectus and has a website that will help answer your questions. 
  • For those institutions that interest, attend an open day. This is an excellent opportunity to meet students and lecturers, view the facilities and get a general feel for the institution and town or city.

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