Starting with few qualifications

Learning for leisure

If you’ve been out of learning for a while, one way to ease yourself back in is to take a course for enjoyment. 

There are all sorts of learning for leisure courses that allow you to explore a topic of personal interest or develop your skills – this could be anything from creative writing to ceramics.

Learning for leisure could:

  • ease you back into learning without the pressure of having to gain a qualification
  • give you the chance to find out what subject you might enjoy
  • help you understand how you like to learn
  • develop your confidence
  • enable you take the next step

Learning for leisure courses at colleges

Leisure courses take place in a range of settings including further education colleges, adult learning centres and libraries. 

You can find out more about the learning for leisure programmes available by contacting your local college, viewing their website or searching for a course online, e.g. through the National Careers Service website.

Find out the cost of the course you want to do and also the time commitment. Financial support may be available, so ask the provider for information.

Free online courses

You can get a taste of higher education study through a free online course from some of the world's leading universities or do a free course to build your skills for a job.

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