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Funding postgraduate study

It’s possible to take out a loan to help pay for postgraduate courses. Other sources of funding may also be available. 

Tuition fees for postgraduate programmes vary depending on the university, course and mode of study. You normally have to pay fees up front. However, financial support is available.  

  • Master's Loans can help to pay for your tuition fees and/or living costs if you take an eligible master’s programme. You receive the loan at the start of your course but start paying it back with interest after you finish and you’re earning above a certain salary.   
  • Doctoral Loans are similar to Master’s Loans for those taking a PhD or similar qualification.    
  • Research Councils allocate funds to selected universities to help them pay for Studentships. There is a lot of competition for these as the grants provided can cover tuition fees and sometimes also provide support with living costs.

Individual universities may also offer a number of bursaries and scholarships for postgraduate students. You can search for these through the Postgraduate Search website.

You may also be able to receive extra support, e.g. for childcare or if you have a disability, or if you take certain courses. You can find out more about funding postgraduate study on GOV.UK and through the Prospects website.

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