Help and support

From others during your studies

A range of people can be a great support to you during your studies, including your partner, family, friends, fellow students and tutors.

Tutors are your first port of call for any problems or questions you have about your course including your assignments, revision, exams etc. Find out where their office is and make sure that you do ask them for support and help if you need it.

Student support services staff are specially trained to offer students advice, guidance and support in various areas. Make sure you know where they are based and what they can offer.

Before you start your course, speak with your partner, family and friends. Once they understand your reasons for studying and the commitment involved, hopefully they’ll be happy to support you.

Once you start your studies, you’ll probably find that students on your course will be a great support to each other. Many will share the same concerns as you.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness, and it’s certainly easier than trying to struggle on!

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