Changing job or career

Using learning to move up the career ladder

Gaining a qualification or learning new skills can be a great way to help you progress in your career. 

Learning can give you the confidence, knowledge and skills to progress. In some jobs you can't move up the ladder unless you have particular qualifications.

Before you do anything, have a good think about why and how you would like to progress within your existing career area.

Do your research

Support from your current employer

  • Investigate the training and development opportunities offered by your current employer. You could raise this during your appraisal, or speak to your manager or someone in human resources.
  • Some employers are prepared to pay some or all your course costs and give you time off to study.
  • Find out about any work-related courses that might enable you to use your place of work to provide the evidence of your learning/competence and/or undertake project work. Also explore professional development courses.

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