Working with others

Becoming an effective team member

Working in a group is not just about getting a job done. It is about communicating effectively, contributing ideas and listening to those of others, making sure that others feel comfortable, giving and receiving feedback, keeping the level of interest and excitement going, and leading and following the lead as appropriate. 

When you are asked to work with others on a project or piece of work it is important to plan ahead and carefully consider how you will work effectively with the team. You will need to put yourself in positions where you need to work in one-to-one and group situations and take a leading role in managing at least one activity. You need to take time to practise and apply your skills over a period of time. Allow at least three months to improve, use your skills and reflect on how you have worked with others.

A very important part of working with other people is of course, communication skills. You can find out more about these by looking at the study tool on interpersonal skills.

To find out more about working with others have a go at the Open University OpenLearn Unit – Working with others.

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