On Safari! Finding and using information

Using information

In this unit we asked you to consider what the terms ‘information’ and living in an ‘information age’ mean to you. We also considered the different types of information you might use both in everyday life, and for your higher level studies.

Before you can conduct an effective search for information, you need to be very clear about what it is that you are looking for. In the final part of this unit, we considered how to move from having a vague need for information, to a focused query.

Try this:

Now, imagine that you have an assignment or essay to write and that you feel that some extra information would be helpful. Before you decide to visit your local library, or search the Internet, what could you do to make sure your search query is focused?

We think that it is important to be clear about the information you need before you begin to search. To help you focus your query, you could: Write down what you already know about the topic, helping you to identify any gaps in your knowledge

Think about which types of information might be most useful (e.g. news, theory, advice, statistics, etc.)

Formulate specific questions that you would like the information you are looking for to answer or address.

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