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If you know you want to do a degree in the future but would like (or need to) prepare for study at a higher education level first, special courses are available.

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This section looks at courses that are specifically designed to help people get set for study at a higher education level, notably: 

These programmes are an excellent way into higher-level study for adults, particularly those who have been out of learning for some time. 

Find out the entry requirements for any of these courses that interest you. For some you may not require formal academic qualifications, but you still need to demonstrate you have the potential to cope with the level of work.  

Bear mind that it’s sometimes possible for adults with suitable learning from experience or previous qualifications to gain direct entry to a higher education level course (without needing to do a preparatory programme) even if they don’t have the usual entry requirements. If this could apply to you, it’s worth discussing your background with admissions tutors and finding out about the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL). Some higher education courses, such as Foundation Degrees, have more flexible entry requirements than Honours Degree programmes.

Before you start exploring your options, complete the Lifepilot HE Skills Map tool to see how your existing skills and experience will be valued in higher education. Use the information to find a course to suit you and to promote yourself on applications.

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