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Returning to work after child care

If you want to get back into work after childcare then retraining can be the first step to a new career. There is also support available to help parents get back into work after childcare.


For parents who are looking at returning to work after taking time out to look after children there are a number of different options to consider.

Many parents choose to change careers so that their working hours allow them to have a better work-life balance. Some parents will choose to retrain in a different career and the option to study part time is often the preferred choice. 

When considering a part time course you may need advice on arranging suitable childcare. The good news is there is a lot of information on paying for childcare and plenty of advice about where to start looking for a nursery or childminder. However, what financial help you are entitled to depends on the age of your children, your own age, your financial circumstances and the type of course you are hoping to take.

Advice for parents wanting to return to work:

General advice:

Advice for lone parents:

Other areas to explore to develop or learn new skills include:

Further study or training

Work related Higher Education courses


A change of career

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