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If you want to get back into paid work after a break, getting a job might be top of your list right now. However, it’s worth exploring whether some initial study, training or other experience will improve your chances of finding the right position.


Whether you’ve been out of work for a period of time because of unemployment, illness, or a career break bringing up children, caring for older relatives or travelling, some time spent learning before or while you look for employment can reap rewards. It can give you:

  • the skills to improve your chances of finding employment or enter work again at a higher level or specialist role
  • the qualifications and skills you need to change career direction
  • the chance to develop a network of contacts who could help you get employment in the future
  • the opportunity to turn a hobby or interest into a business

You can improve your chances of finding work even more by volunteering or gaining work experience, e.g. through a Foundation Degree.

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