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Ways to prepare for a job change through learning

Learning can improve your skills and expertise, build your self-confidence and allow you to gain additional relevant qualifications.

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Showing you are studying for a new qualification will help you promote yourself on your CV and at interviews. It will show your current or any future employer that you are committed to improving yourself, self- motivated and prepared to work hard to achieve your goals.

How to find out what qualifications and skills are needed

  • Explore the types of jobs you are interested in and see what sort of skills, experience and qualifications are required by looking at the Sector Skills Councils' website for the sector you would like to work in
  • You can also explore job profiles to find out more about the jobs you are looking at and qualifications and skills required
  • Complete the Lifepilot HE Skills Map Tool, this will help you think about experiences, skills and achievements you already have and which skills these have helped you to develop.
  • Ask a National Careers Adviser a question

Explore the range of learning opportunities

  • If you are in a union in your current job role you could see what courses are offered through Unionlearn or look at other opportunities for training through your workplace

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