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Using learning to change job

Learning not only improves your skills and confidence, it will have other benefits when applying for jobs.

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Taking a course will give you something constructive to put on your CV and to talk about in interviews. This is particularly beneficial if the learning can be directly related to the job, but all types of learning can help.

As well as the opportunity to gain a qualification and develop your skills, knowledge and understanding, employers are impressed when adults return to learning because it demonstrates:

  • your self-motivation and commitment
  • that you can manage your time by juggling study with other responsibilities
  • that you are prepared to work hard to achieve your goals

Find out what qualifications and skills are needed

  • The job profiles on the Prospects and National Careers Service websites will give you an idea of the qualifications and skills needed for jobs that interest you.
  • Have a look at advertised vacancies to get an idea of what employers demand. You will find some recruitment sites listed in Tips to help you get back in to work; the Find a job search facility from Jobcentre Plus is one of the UK’s largest databases of job vacancies.
  • If you have questions, free careers advice is available from the National Careers Service.

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