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If you are looking for a  job or career change getting back into learning can be a great way to prepare.


Courses to suit you

Top of your list is to find a course that meets your current learning needs and will also help you achieve your future ambitions. Think about the skills or expertise you want to acquire and check that any course you do will be valued in a future job or new career pathway.

Lifepilot has lots of information to help you decide your best study option.  You can also get one-to-one advice from the National Careers Service.

Start by completing the Lifepilot HE Skills Map Tool. This will help you recognise the experiences, skills and achievements you already have and show you which skills they have helped you develop.

Explore the range of study options in What, where and how to study.

Opportunities to study

There are lots of opportunities for adults to study at local colleges, training providers or universities  full-time, part-time or through distance learning - even if you are starting with few or no qualifications.

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