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Learning for a career change

If you are looking to change your career path completing a course and gaining a specific qualification can be a good way to achieve this.

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Once you have decided what new career you want it is important to carefully research the best route to getting there.

Discovering the best option for you

Funding for courses

You will also need to check out funding for your chosen course. There are loans and other support available for adults over 24 on a first Level 3 or Level 4 course. However, if you want to do another qualification at a level you already have you may have to pay course fees

The best thing is to choose a course that suits you and then check with the learning institutions about possible charges and available loans. Alternatively, you could look for a course you can afford - but be sure to check out if it will help you with your career plans and is valued by employers

Choosing a course

There are many learning opportunities in local colleges, training providers and universities or you can find a course near to where you live through the hotcourses website

Check out as much as you can about the courses you are interested in. The Unistats website will tell you information about many HE level courses, including how many people got jobs after the course

Look at the Lifepilot section on What, where and how to study to find out more about types of courses and how to apply

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