Our Matrix Careers Award

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The WVPC Matrix Careers Award

We've got the award!

Western Vocational Progression Consortium was re-assessed for the matrix quality standard for information, advice and guidance services in in March 2017.

The WVPC easily met all required criteria and the final matrix report identified our particular strengths as:

WVPC provides impartial and balanced information via the Careerpilot and Lifepilot sites. Given that funding is via HE partners it is particularly noteworthy that there is no HE bias within the resources. Service users confirmed that they were able to access information about a full range of pathways including both vocational and academic progression routes, including apprenticeships and employment.

Impartiality and professional integrity also apply to how WVPC works with its partners. Although managed by the University of Bath it was clear that a good degree of separation has been achieved.

 The products and support are available free of charge ensuring open access for everyone. Minimal registration information is needed ensuring no barriers. The resources are also available in different languages through translation software further supporting accessibility.

The feedback collected by WVPC, and analytics, are directly related to the aims andobjectives of provision enabling staff to accurately ascertain effectiveness. Service users are asked what they thought about different parts of the product, what they learned, what they will do as a result of using the site, and if they feel the product meets its stated aims.

Partnership work is another area of strength for WVPC. In spite of shifting funding streams and priorities, different demands on partners, the Consortium has been maintained with a vibrant and engaged Board, and an active Subscribers Group. There are also strong relationships with schools and other providers such as the National Careers Service. 

There is robust business management and a considered use of resources. WVPC has built a reserve so that it could honour commitments for at least two years should funding cease.

Use of IT is obviously another area of strength. Users interviewed reported that they found the products to be attractive, easy to navigate, young person friendly.

Finally, there is strong evidence, as was noted at the initial assessment, of WVPC’s engagement with an agenda of continuous improvement. There are routine extensive content reviews which result in significant changes being made; the introduction of new facilities such as Parent Zone, forthcoming Teacher Zone; teacher training; webinars; and specific initiatives to support use of the products – all of these built on input from the full range of stakeholders.