Royal Agricultural University

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Funding Opportunities

RAC Awards

All new undergraduate students will be entitled to a £100 voucher towards the value of a bicycle and accessories, books or computer equipment.  We also offer vouchers to the value of £65,000 per annum to students so they can participate on skills-based courses at our Rural Skills Centre and Food Training Kitchen to enhance their employability at the end of their programme.  Individual vouchers are valued at up to £200 each and all new undergraduate students are entitled to one voucher each.  Any remaining vouchers will be allocated on a first come first served basis later in the year.


The Scholarship Scheme was established to provide worthy students with the support necessary to work towards achieving their full potential during their period of study at the College.  Awards vary from £50 - £7,000.  Further information on the scholarships can be found by visiting our website

Professional Career Development Loans (PCDL) for postgraduate student's

A Professional Career Development Loan is a bank loan designed to help you pay for work-related learning. You don't have to start paying your loan back until one month after you stop training.

The College is a registered learning provider for Professional Career Development Loans and our registration number is 2438.

PCDLs are available through an arrangement between the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and high street banks.

How does it work?

You can borrow anything between £300 and £9000 to help you fund up to two years of learning (or up to three years if the programme includes one year of relevant practical work experience).

You can apply for PCDLs with high street banks.

The LSC pays the interest on your loan while you are learning and for one month after you have stopped training.

You repay the loan to the bank over an agreed period at a fixed rate of interest

What does it cover?

Programme fees: 80% of your programme fees, or 100% if you have been out of work for three months or more at the time of application;

Other programme costs including, books, equipment, tools, childcare, travel expenses and some costs associated with disability; living expenses for food, ordinary clothing or footwear, household fuel, rent, housing costs and council tax.

These costs must not be covered by any other grant or state benefit and you must not undertake work involving more than 30 hours per week. Your loan can cover one or more of these elements, but cannot exceed £9000 in total.

How do I qualify?

To qualify for a PCDL, you must be: 18 or over; ordinarily resident in England, Scotland or Wales with an unlimited right to remain inthe UK (you will not qualify for a PCDL if your right to remain within the UK is subject to restrictions); unable to pay for the programme yourself; and intending to work in the European Union (or Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein) when you have finished your programme.

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