Bath Spa University

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Information for Mature Learners

Bath Spa University welcomes mature students* and values the skills and life experience that mature students bring to a diverse student community. For many years mature students have formed an important part of Bath Spa University’s student population at all levels. You may feel anxious about returning to study, but a lot of help is on hand and our experience suggests you'll surprise yourself [but not us] with how well you will do. You'll bring a wealth of experience and diverse skills to your studies that will be invaluable.

We assess prior learning (APL) and experiential learning (APEL) as a foundation for higher education. We consider applicants with non-traditional qualifications and/or relevant experience positively. The Access to Higher Education qualification has been welcomed as a progression route to our undergraduate programmes for over thirty years.  If you are considering joining Bath Spa University as a mature student you will be in very good company as over a third of our student population are mature students.

*over 21 on the 30th September in year of entry